Performing Arts Webinar Series

Performing Arts Webinar Series

The design of a concert hall, theatre or performing arts space is an intricate operation. In addition to the room acoustic design, there are other key considerations that make designing such spaces quite unique. 

These buildings are both complex and sensitive, requiring input from specialist consultants, and with intense demands such as good communication skills, higher than normal co-ordination, lengthy timelines and issues that require attention to detail to avoid the inherent traps and risks that can often be overlooked on such projects.

Our free performing arts webinar series was developed to provide information to assist venue owners, developers, Government officers, design and executive architects, structural and mechanical professionals and those interested in the design of noise-sensitive spaces when planning new and refurbished performing arts venues.

These webinars were recorded and have been made available via the links below.

Webinar 1: Sound and Concert Hall Design with Peter Exton

Webinar 2: Acoustic Design of the Sydney Coliseum Theatre with Matthew Ottley

Webinar 3: Fly Towers & Overstage Machinery with Micah Johnson

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La Nouvelle-Zélande passe au zéro carbone

La Nouvelle-Zélande passe au zéro carbone

mardi 11 août 2020

La société néo-zélandaise de Marshall Day Acoustics, regroupant les 6 agences du pays, est fière d'être certifiée "Zero Carbon Business Operations" par ekos. L'empreinte carbone des activités commerciales a été comptabilisée et compensée pour l'exercice 2019 avec des crédits carbone certifiés.

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